Adult Friend Finder Review

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On August 31, 2012
Last modified:August 25, 2016


Number one for casual hookups. Money spent here is always a good choice!


In 1996 a site named FriendFinder was launched with the goal of helping single people meet to form long term relationships. When members began uploading homemade pornography the idea to launch AdultFriend Finder was hatched and the members and money began flowing in. In 2007 the company was sold for $500 million, which should tell you the volume of men and women buying memberships each month. They’ve grown immensely since the company was sold and as the oldest site in the sex dating niche they have the experience to give you the quality experience you crave.


There are currently more than 41 million members of Adult Friend Finder (although they admit that some of those members haven’t logged on in years and many are not paid) and from the moment you visit they encourage you to register. It’s entirely free with no personal information needed so you might as well. The search box on the main page is how you start your registration. Fill out the info and you’re taken to the signup page where they ask for an email address, zip code, date of birth, username, and password. After that you’re in and ready to have fun. Don’t forget confirm account by clicking link in email.

Free Features is one of the few adult dating sites that doesn’t allow you to view profiles. You can see the small profile picture but if you click you’re taken to the upgrade page. It’s annoying that they provide so little information on the folks you might be sleeping with but it’s always been that way. You can search to get an idea of what you’ll see as a member but that’s it. You can browse member videos and albums but you can’t see any of it. Free members are welcome to participate in the chat rooms that can include dirty talk. You can also peruse the more than 18 million blogposts members have written, many of which are naughty stories of sexual successes via AdultFriendFinder. You can read the magazine with articles and advice written by professionals.

Paid Features

When you join you get access to their database of more than 41 million members, which is well worth the membership fee. You can message anyone you see and of course you can actually browse their profiles. You can make use of the advanced search function that free members are banned from (it’s not nearly as useful as it could be). You can flirt with members, setup webcam chat sessions, and instant message with anyone that wants to chat with you.

Adult Friend Finder has the benefit of being one of the most famous sex dating sites thanks largely to having been around for so long. It’s one of the first sites you’ll read about if you search for online sex hookups, which means it features a higher percentage of people actually looking to hook up. As with any site of this nature you’ll find far more men than women but as has been mentioned before on this site, you can put yourself ahead of most guys on these sites by acting like a gentleman, even if that seems counterintuitive on a sex dating site. Even if a woman has a profile on an adult dating site it doesn’t mean she wants to be treated like a slut. Remember that and you’re ahead of almost every guy on

If you’re on the fence about Adult Friend Finder you should consider that it’s one of the largest and best amateur porn sites in the world. They offer more than 25,000 videos and 7,500 picture galleries, all of it uploaded by members that want to share. That’s true homemade amateur porn that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s amazing! No other adult dating site offers that kind of collection, which is where a great deal of the value of a membership comes in.


New customers can join monthly for $24.99. You’ll be billed every 30 days and your credit card statement will show a discrete company. If you want to save money you can join for multiple months at a time. They bill it all at once but over the long run you save money. Join for four months and you pay $59.96. Join for 18 months (they call it joining for a year and getting six months free) and you pay $179.82, or $10/month.


Adult FriendFinder was the first site of any note in the online sex dating world. It was launched in response to demand for this type of service and has grown immensely over the years. The site’s fame (or infamy, perhaps) means everyone in the mood for casual hookups knows about it, which means a high percentage of real members looking for real action. The popularity and sheer volume of members means thousands of picture galleries and videos of real homemade porn. They continually refine the design to ensure a great experience for members and the price is at or below what their competitors charge. Money spent here is always a good choice.