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On August 31, 2012
Last modified:August 25, 2016


The most well known married affair dating site. Ideal choice as long as you're willing to stomach the cost.


Ashley Madison is the most well known sex dating and affair hunting site in the world thanks a top notch marketing campaign that put it on the radar of women’s magazines, talk shows, news shows, and more. The founder is more than happy to talk about his site on TV or in print and as a result they get tons of free press. People are usually yelling at him about being an immoral scumbag for promoting affairs but any press is good press in this case. As a result of all that price the site is remarkable at drawing in high quality members that are actually looking for an affair, not bored people looking to surf or fakes just looking to mess with you.


Registration begins when you enter your status (attached male looking for females, for example) and you’re whisked to the information page where you enter the general stuff like username, password, height, weight, etc. You can choose to fill out a more in depth profile later (you’ll have to do so if you want to actually meet someone). The process is exceptionally brief and you’re taken to local search results upon completion.

Free Features

As a free member of you can search in your area and view profiles. The advanced search function is available to free members (unlike on most sites) but there aren’t many variables so you’re not narrowing the search results by much. As with any other site in the adult dating genre you can’t message anyone until you join but at least they let you view profiles here.

Paid Features

Ashley Madison is among the more simplistic sex dating sites in the business. On other sites in the genre paid members can watch webcam shows and browse member videos, check out a huge collection of leased content, read in depth articles on sex dating, and much more. Here at AshleyMadison they keep it simple and you can only message people or send them electronic gifts.

That might sound like a criticism but the simplicity is actually a big part of why Ashley Madison is such a successful site at its ultimate goal, which is bringing people together to have affairs. The other sites in the niche are all geared towards men with tons of free hardcore porn to keep you busy while you wait (for the most part women don’t really like porn), dirty stories to read, the aforementioned webcam shows, etc. AshleyMadison is built like it’s geared towards women and while at first thought that seems off putting it’s brilliant. The more women on a sex dating site the better chance you have at hooking up. Ashley Madison has the highest ratio of women to men in the business and the result is an impressive message return ratio.

They offer members something they call fantasy chat where you can chat live with a beautiful woman that will work hard to make your cybersex fantasies come to life. It’s quite expensive and nothing like the real thing but it’s there if you want to make use.


The biggest possible drawback to Ashley Madison is the price. Instead of charging a monthly fee like other sites they have you purchase credits that you spend on sending messages, sending priority messages (placed higher in recipient’s mailbox), send virtual gifts (to let a girl know you like her, we guess), and instant message. The smallest package (Introductery) is 100 credits for $49 and when you consider that an instant message session costs roughly 1 credit per minute you can see how that would be expensive. Elite package costs $149/500 credits ($0.30/credit). If you buy the “Affair Guarantee” package they give you 1000 credits for $249 and if you follow the rules as they describe them you’ll be given your money back if you don’t have an affair in 90 days.


Thanks to a little bit of good luck, great marketing, and a smart idea to gear the site towards women Ashley Madison really is your best chance at starting a satisfying sexual affair. It’s a site less about casual sex and one night stands and more about people forming relationships that are almost entirely sexual. If that’s what you seek then it’s an ideal choice as long as you’re willing to stomach the cost. They charge you 5 credits ($2.50 if you buy the smallest credit package) to send a message for the first time. If you happen to hook up with that woman then $2.50 is all you’ll have spend but the chances of that happening are very small, which means is likely to be more expensive than other sites. However, for that extra cost you generally get better looking women and a better percentage of message replies coming your way, making it a good investment.