Married Woman Dating – The Importance of Successful Communication

by Married and Dating on August 24, 2012

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Married woman dating is becoming more and more of a common sight nowadays. Many single men prefer dating lonely wives instead of young single ladies. I am pretty sure they have their own reasons so I am in no position to judge any of them. I myself find married woman dating to be quite a fun and exciting experience. Approaching married woman is a very different to approaching single ladies. Approaching them can be both an exciting and dangerous experience. This is because you wouldn’t know how she will react to your approach. On top of that, his husband might be just lurking around somewhere near her.

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The rise in popularity of married woman dating may be somehow related to the high rate of divorce nowadays. With this in mind, having a relationship with a married woman isn’t as impossible as you might think it is. However, it won’t be that easy to score a married woman. For that you will need some kind of a game plan. Here are some tips on how to successfully communicate with a married woman.

1. Give her what she is missing

Miscommunication with their husbands is one of the main reasons why married women date other men. Considering this, you should be able to provide her with what she is missing: a successful communication. For you to do this, you must listen to her when she talks about her personal life. While doing so, watch how she uses her words and the way she talks. Observe her facial expressions when you try to open op topics such as her children and family. If she only talks about her children and omits talks about her husband, this may be an indication that she wants to stray. Of course, you should also observe for other indications before jumping into a conclusion.

2. Be honest and straightforward about your intentions

Women are frequently lied to – especially married women. Surely, they are already full of flattery and empty promises. So if you are thinking about lying just to win her over, just forget about it as it will most likely fail. Instead, be completely honest with her. Do not throw empty promises at her or exaggerate your feelings. She can tell if you are exaggerating or not. Show her that you are interested in her and you would want to know more about her. It would also be wise to avoid talking about her married life. Married woman dating single men do not want their date to talk about their present married life.

3. Be a good friend

Great relationships often start from great friendships. With this in mind, you should always be a good friend to her. Give her the impression that you are someone that she can easily talk to and someone who will always be there. While doing so, you can also monitor her situation and watch for signals that she is also interested in you. Do not make this too obvious though or you will seem like a stalker.

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