Deciding to Stop Dating Married Man

by Married and Dating on July 30, 2012

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Nowadays, married men and lonely housewives are all over the net. As a result of this, many young men and women are now dating married man and woman. The thought of dating married man might have also crossed your mind. Some of you might be already dating a married man. Even if you finally decide to sever your ties with a married man, you will find it to be quite a difficult thing to do. If you want to stop dating married man, you have to be prepared to make an effort. You should also have the resolve to push through your decision. Here are some tips to help you stop dating married man.

Stop Dating Married Man

Consider seeing a psychiatrist

If you have the time and resources you should consider seeing a psychiatrist. This is because they can figure out why women tend to fall for men that are married. Remember, you should open up all of your feelings to the psychiatrist if you want him to help you with your problems. Disregarding the advice of your psychiatrist will only get you back to step one.

Think of your feelings to that married man as an addiction and not as an attraction

Being attracted and addicted to a married man are two different things. Make sure that you know this. If you find it hard to sever your ties with a married man then you are probably addicted to him. Blind love is like drugs in more ways than one.

Attend group therapies regarding these matters

Remember that there are also others like you. Some of them get together and share their experiences in hopes of finding a solution to their addiction. Attend these group therapies and listen to these people express their feelings. Do not be afraid to share your own experiences. This will help you in being honest with yourself. You will also find out the reason why you find it hard to sever your relationship with a married man through these group therapies.

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Name the things that make you attracted to him

Write down the things that you like in him. I am pretty sure that your list will not be that long. In figuring out what you really like in a married man, you will see that most of these things can also be found in a single man. In short, know what you really want in a partner. Surely, there are other choices besides dating a married man.

When you decide to leave him, do not have second thoughts

After you finally decide to sever your ties with a married man, just leave him and do not have second thoughts. Goodbyes do not always have to involve drama. Having second thoughts will only give him the impression that you do not really want to leave. Beware as he might use this to his advantage.

If you still find it hard to stop dating a married man, consider stopping dating anyone – married or not. Instead, spend time with yourself and think about what you truly want in life.

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