A Dating Service for Married People – When Not-So-Innocent-Housewives Take Revenge

by Married and Dating on November 8, 2012

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dating service for married people

When you hear about a dating service for married people, you instantly think about how guys are perverts and they can never keep their hands to themselves. Admit it or not, we instantly point fingers on the guys, accusing them for being unfaithful. It just never crosses our minds that a dating service for married people can work for women too; housewives at the very least. I mean come on, how do we really see housewives? Minus the reality shows like “The Real Housewives of Whatever City”, we just see these women as plain and boring; we all think that they are only good for baking cookies and driving mini vans. That may sound a little gender bias (no offense to all the feminists out there) but that is really the case; at least for most guys (that is definitely how we see housewives). We never think of them as women who’d dream of going to bed with another man.

Imagine my shock when I saw lonely housewives in a dating service for married people I constantly check. My jaw dropped when I realized that there are housewives (or even just wives in general) on those kinds of online dating sites. Had I seen a teeny-bopper flashing what their momma gave them, I would have not been as shocked. Housewives? Really? Have I been living under a rock? When did the playing fields of cheating became equal among men and women? That is when it hit me that housewives are taking their revenge; they can no longer be silenced while their men run around town cheating on them.

sexy housewife making buns

When I got over my shock, I started to realize why a dating service for married people is called as such and not “dating service for married guys.” The world has really changed and as a man, I do not know if I should be disheartened or proud. I mean, at least guys now know that if they continue to cheat on their wives expecting them to do nothing about it, guys may just see their wives taking advantage of a dating service for married people.

Moreover, the idea of dating a housewife is kind of sexy, right? It gives guys a bigger sense of achievement nailing a woman who legally and rightfully belongs to someone else. That could probably be one of the many reasons why housewives are easily hooked up by those who run a dating service for married people. Also, when and should I cheat on my wife, I’d rather cheat on her with another married person. I think it eases the guilt knowing that I am not alone; someone else is also cheating on their partner.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not condone cheating; I am simply pointing out the obvious. Not all marriages last. In fact, successful marriages are more shocking than couples who go through divorce. Sometimes, feelings just die down and there is nothing humanly possible we can do to change that fact. Had human beings been endowed with enough strength to turn our backs to temptation, there had not been a dating service for married people.

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