Affair With Married Woman: Men Who Prefer It

by Married and Dating on July 31, 2012

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Finding a romantic partner is quite a task; it may take us a while before we finally find that one person whom we will feel right with, that someone who can make us want to finally settle down and say goodbye to the freedom of being unattached or single. If you are single, looking for a man or woman to have an affair with is a thing you can do enjoyably; going out on dates, just getting to know each other and not rushing things, not feeling pressured, just good times. However, for some people, the task of looking for someone to share an affair with is not as easy and simple as that.

There are a lot of different kinds of single men; some are old, some are young, some prefer women, while others prefer someone similar to them, while others prefer an affair with married woman. Yes, you heard that right, there are actually men who are really hoping to find women who are married and looking for extramarital affairs. You can say they are crazy for having such taste, but we also do not know how they have come up to such.

having affair with married woman

Normally, we all want our romantic affairs to go as smoothly as possible; no hassles, no complications, no problems. In the case of men who choose to share an affair with married woman, it is as if they are digging their own hole to have themselves trapped. Having a relationship with a married woman especially if she is very much still attached with her husband is definitely not a place where a man would want to be. Seeing each other will be difficult because of the fear that someone might actually catch you, the guilt that you will feel every time you are with her depriving her very own family more time to spend with her. What if she has children, do you think she will be able to become a good role model to her them with what she does with you?

Should we blame a man who is into having an affair with married woman? Though not a lot of people are that open-minded to see this thing in a different light, that which is different from what the society sees, cases of this kind are continually increasing. But why? Actually, there are a number of different factors that make a man want to engage in this kind of affair.

Men who prefer to have an affair with married woman are those who find mature women or mothers very attractive. Usually, the thought that this woman has actually already given birth is very appealing to them. Knowing that she was able to handle giving birth and raising kids is a positive attribute they consider.

Women who have their own family are definitely already experienced, and men find this a plus point. Though most of the time they want to be the one in control, they also appreciate it when they are with someone who can level with their maturity and someone who can also take control of them from time to time.

Men who like having an affair with married woman are those who would want to get past the inconvenience of helping a young, inexperienced and immature woman develop and become someone as experienced and mature as those who are already married. These men think that if there is anybody who is an expert at handling relationships, they have to be the married women.

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