What Makes Mistress Dating Acceptable

by Married and Dating on September 14, 2012

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To those who claim that they are conservatives and reserved, the words mistress dating on the title alone of this article would come as a shocker. Having a mistress is legally not acceptable. It is viewed by the society as a crime termed as adultery and is seen by the church as immoral since it disobeys one of the Ten Commandments which strictly pointed out to not covet your neighbor’s wife. But you see, the title would have never been formulated unless there is a concrete basis to that. To some extent along with an acceptable extreme amount of surprise to the readers, mistress dating carries a few positive points too.

mistress dating

For married men, being with the same woman everyday of his life is dreadful. Although in the bond of marriage, they have clearly sworn in front of the community to be together in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, until death do they part, there will always come a time that every man will be tickled to do such deed and that is mistress dating. But you see, it is not only the males here who are out looking for affairs. Some women often find getting into a relationship with married men more preferable than with a bachelor guy. They say it is because of the financial gains, but more so, some women just find it thrilling to become the person in between two committed persons. They would rather be the third party, the hidden lover, the escape person and the free loader than to be the wife responsible for cleaning the house and taking care of the children. They have all the time for them to be able to take frequent baths, regular visits to the salon and doll their selves up that will make their man even more drawn to them.

Moreover, men have their mistresses to fulfill their manly dreams. Having another woman will excite the man more and be able to explore more sexual encounters which he can later on try with his own wife. And during their love making, the male could try to imagine being with her mistress or with any other girl for that matter and have the performance of his life but at the same time satisfying his wife as well. She would no longer mind about what was running through the man’s head because all she would care about was at least she got what she wanted from him. Aside from that, getting involved in mistress dating or being with another person will promise to take care of you that will help boost your confidence and ego. The mistress will shower the guy with care and attention that it will make him be able to function better in everything that he do. His self esteem will shoot up and thus taking a step higher to success. I am not saying that is the only way, but it can still help somehow.

Now you see, this only proves that there are really two sides of a coin. You cannot judge one book by just staring at its cover. You have to scan the pages, read the content and find out what it is really all about. This article does not promote mistress dating, this is just a way for you to become more liberated and be open minded to what is happening in your surroundings. You will never know, you might just need these benefits one day.

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Prof April 20, 2014 at 5:26 am

There is a lady one third my age that I would dearly love to have as a mistress. How in the world can one intrigue and maneuver a 20-something to want to be mistress to a man 3 times her age?


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