Why A Woman Who Is Married Match A Single Man

by Married and Dating on August 26, 2012

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Cases of married women who go for extra-marital affairs are notably increasing these days. It is an evident fact given that more and more lonely wives are going out of their way to find the happiness and satisfaction that they could not achieve with their husbands. A noticeable trend that happens in these extra-marital affairs is that a woman who is married match a single man in a seemingly flawless way. Sounds complicated?

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It is no longer new for most of us when in a relationship, the woman is older than the man. Well, it happens and even famous Hollywood celebrities do it such as in the case of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. It’s almost an accepted culture that we all have learned to get used to. But, talking about cultures that we can get used to, there is one which we all just can’t seem to freely accept- it is when a woman who is married match a single man in an affair.

Others may find it difficult to decipher as to how two people get in an affair when one is married, but in married match cases where the woman is married and the man is single, things could go pretty easy. Before we talk about how smooth-sailing things turn out between the said couple, let us first talk about the factor that pushes a married woman to have an affair outside her marriage.

Surveys show that almost 40% of married women are actually wanting to get divorce because of their unsuccessful marriages. That is triggered by their husbands own extra-marital affairs, neglect in role responsibility, and the most common reason is their incompatibility. There are also cases that these women just don’t like the feel of being under the authority of a man. Because of this, they seek for the company of someone who will not make them feel inferior and someone who can compensate for whatever lack there is in her marriage with her husband.

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So why exactly would a married woman match a single man in an affair? A married woman and a single man make a perfect combination since they can both feed each other’s ego. A lonely married woman is probably deprived of love and affection because of a husband that is too busy with work. They feel that their marriage is not working and that they do not want to be stuck in that situation for the rest of their lives. There are also cases where their husband is too old to keep up with their energy especially when it comes to one of the basic needs of man which is love-making. And so, to fulfil those lacking aspect in their married lives, they look for a single man who can provide their needs.

As for the cases of single men who go for a married match, they also have their own gain by doing so. For these men, the thought of having an affair with a married woman is very sexy and is uplifting for their manhood. With the thought that this woman is going out of her way just to have an affair with them makes them feel like they are one heck of a man.

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