Why is There a Dating Website for Married People

by Married and Dating on July 23, 2012

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When we guys tell our friends over a few bottles of beer that we are ready to settle down, it does not matter how drunk they are, you would not hear the end of it. Puzzled, we usually go defensive and say that you are different and that you really are ready to spend your every waking hour with the same woman for the rest of your life. I mean, when we say our vows, we say it with hope and conviction that it really is for better or for worst, till death do us part; right? But the honeymoon ends, the bills pile up, the house is never clean enough, you never have time for your friends anymore, the sports channel is suddenly off limits, and before you know it, the passion you were sure blaze like wild fire in you on your wedding day slowly dies down. It is sad but those are just few of the reasons why married looking for affair no longer come as a shock.

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I mean, I am not trying to defend guys who decided to cheat on their wives – it is still so wrong in so many levels – what I am simply saying is that guys do not marry their girlfriends knowing that they will cheat someday. In fact, 99% of the time, guys really think they can have a monogamous relationship with their wives especially when they know they are marrying the girl of their dreams. But more practical things eat a big chunk on your married life and the sex (if they ever come along) is no longer as mind blowing as they used to be. This is where a dating website for married people comes in.

I know it may be sick to create a dating website for married people because it is like encouraging guys (or even girls) to cheat on their partners. However, you cannot stop selling cigarettes just because some people cannot control their bad habit of smoking, right? Moreover, a dating website for married people is not that bad. I mean, only a small portion of the guys who hook up on those dating websites actually cheat on their wives. Most guys here are just trying to relive the excitement and the adrenalin that comes with picking up girls. They can’t do that in their work place because one simple brush on the shoulder may be twisted up in to a very complex story which is usually built on lies.

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A dating website for married people is relatively safer because the ladies there know you are married and you can also make it very clear that you are only interested on talking; you can basically forget about the problems of mixed signals.

Married guys try to be faithful, they really do. What they want more than anything is to get things back as they used to be; but that is difficult. Sometimes, guys are too weak to admit that they too played a part in the demise of their marriage so instead of confronting the problem they go to a dating website for married people. It is sad, but it is the truth.

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